Electronic Cigarettes Destroying Youth


I read the newspaper to get some information and to keep an awareness about the current issues, whether it is happening in the world. The newspaper had been reading that my view was on a column, in which the columnist focused towards smoking and harmful habits like smoking, tobacco. I did not believe I wrote something on it so I said something to write on it.

Smoking is a serious and major problem of our society, which destroy our precious lives. Especially young generation are doing smoking. Smoking is a leading cause of preventable morbidity and mortality worldwide. Tobacco smoking causes annually 6 million deaths worldwide and is projected to exceed 8 million by 2030, according to statistics of World Health Organization. A WHO report says that tobacco use is the second highest cause of deaths. According to the National Institute of Health, more than 100,000 people in Pakistan die due to the use of tobacco. To save the nation from undoing, we should produce awareness among youth about negative effects of smoking.

In addition, Pakistan Medical Association wants the government to ban electronic cigarette’s. And government should keeps it in mind and ban the electronic cigarette’s. Because in many countries have banned electronic cigarettes. So, first you must know what are electronic cigarette. An electronic cigarette is a battery-operated device which resembles a cigarette, a cigar, a pipe, or a pen. Most of them have a replaceable and refillable cartridge. It was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. Maximum electronic cigarettes contain nicotine and other liquid chemicals and they do not have tobacco. They expose lungs to different substances, including dicetyl, which can cause severe lungs diseases like TB. Fatal poisoning has resulted from inhaling electronic cigarette liquid too. Use of vapers may contribute to lung and bladder cancer, as well as heart diseases.

Similarly, in Pakistan approximately 124,000 people die each year from smoking-related diseases. Youth is an important asset of our beloved country, on one hand youth is about 70 percentage of total population of Pakistan aged from 18 to 29. And also 28% youth of Pakistan is addicted to tobacco smoking. It has become a fashion for the students. About 1,000 to 1,200 college or university students smoke daily. So, Government as well as non-governmental organizations must plan road map to promote health awareness among students. Students friendly environment is need of time. The policy makers must develop road map to facilitate students.

At last be aware that focus on smoking in public places to focus on possible sanctions against prevention and preventive diseases. Government should take action against who sell drugs addict things. Therefore, we can get rid of this harmful habit. And may be healthy.


Khateeb Ahmed

Khateeb Ahmed is a student and have deep interest in Journalism and Urdu Literature. Like to write on social issues. Also interested in debating. You can be contact him at: [email protected]

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