Come On! Let’s Talk About Peace


Unfortunately, since the last seventy years, India-Pakistan relations could not reach the point that the love and brotherhood between the people of both the countries increased to the level so that fear and danger could be found together cross the border. Many families are present in Pakistan whose relatives are located in India, but so called democratic traditions and environment of war is big hurdle among them.

After Pulwama attack in India, everyone knows the current situation of Pakistan and India. India want to push the country in war, but as our prime minister Imran khan warn many time that “Two nuclear states cannot afford the war, and particularly in democracy. After Pulwama attack as usual India blamed Pakistan and started media trial.

By this mean, it shows that India is afraid of success of Pakistan, India want to destroy the CPEC and foreign investment in Pakistan, as everyone knows in the whole world that Saudi Prince was on official visit to Pakistan when Pulwama attack was planned by India and happened. So called Moodi government thought that by this way they can stop Pakistan’s success but they cannot actually. India is behaving like a jealous character that can be your relative, your friend and your neighbor too, India is not behaving like a good neighbor.

After winning the general election of 2019, prime minister of Pakistan Imran khan clearly stated in his first address to nation “We want peace in region, we want good diplomatic relations with our neighbors, we want good relations with India too, India move one step towards Pakistan we’ll move two steps and Imran khan proved his love and peace through Kartarpur Corridor opening.

In the meeting of the General Assembly, Pak India foreign ministers had set up a meeting of Foreign Affairs, which did not happen. After this, the Kartarpur, by breaking all the protocols, General Bajwa(COAF)embraced Indian guests particularly Navjot singh Sidhu. Was not the message of love and peace by Pakistan?

Despite the tension created after the pulwama attack, the Pakistani government decided to schedule a Besakhi festival and Birthday Day of Gurru Khalsa, and according to schedule, 3,000 Indian pilgrims will be offered 10-day yatra visa, as well as the next news There was a glimpse of that there was a snooker event in Bangalore in India in Bangalore, for which visas were not released for the players of Pakistan.

Pakistan talks about peace but India talks about war, Pakistan starts trade, India bans the trade, Pakistan starts games for mutual understanding, India announce boycott. How long will it be? how long will Indian media take anti-propaganda to rise and try to be oppressed in the whole world? How long India’s elections shall be won only on against Pakistan’s policy? How long will it continue to pour poison in blood by winding Hindu Muslim riots? How long the innocent Kashmiri shall be killed on day and day?

We have to learn from past , we have to talk now , we have to sit now on table , we have to move on now , if war deployed , nobody will be left to tell the story of victory to the world because both countries are Nuclear powers.

The Moodi government, who knows the tricks to get a vote before the election, has already done and it has been quite successful, but there is also a sense of understanding of its intellect. Come on! Let’s talk about peace ….. Let’s sit together!


Rana Ali Zohaib

Rana Ali Zohaib is Lahore based Journalist, affiliated with GEO New. He is also Press Secretary of Liberland in Pakistan. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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