MH-60R Deal Raising Defense Equipment Export of U.S


After Pulwama attack India is trying to develop more relations with US for pressurizing Pakistan. The Indian media and establishment quote this that “Indian pilot Abhinandan was released by Pakistan due to American Pressure”.

Pak-China friendship, CPEC and mutual trade is the main thing which India want to destroy. After Pulwama attack and failure of IAF’s surgical strike, India came to know that it cannot defeat Pakistan at any cost.

Everyone knows that in this region India is trying to become a technological, strongest defense equipped country for that India is signing different MOUs with Israel, Russia and US.

If we talk about US-India defense relations, we came to know that India got the “Major Defense Partner (MDP) designation in 2016 by Obama administration. India wad then given Strategic Trade Authorization-1(STA-1) status by the U.S in August 2018, the third Asian country after South Korea and Japan but globally the 37th country to acquire it.

India also signed the Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA) Agreement with U.S, providing a legal basis for U.S to transfer secure communication equipment to India, increasing military equipment interoperability and real time data sharing.

Today national and International media airing that US approved the sale of MH-60R helicopters to India. But it’s not confirmed yet that India will get helicopters.

The U.S department of State has approved the sale of 24 MH-60R Multi mission helicopters to India under its Foreign Ministry Sales (FMS) Program. The value of the deal would be around $2.5 Billion, as per statement released by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), the body that administers the FMS program. The Principal contractor of this deal will be Lockheed Martin. This is not the final confirmation of the deal as there is a procedure involve in.

In the case of India and other non-NATO countries, Congress must be notified for Sales of Major Defense Equipment (MDE) of $14 million or above. Defense articles and services of $50 million and above and design and construction services of $200 million and above.

There is no need to notify the American Congress through notification if the deal is between U.S and NATO country. Notification period is 30 days, if congress has any issue with the deal, congress can disapprove the deal at any stage with-in 30 days, if DSCA did not receive any response by congress in 30 days. The positive response will be considered by the Congress over defense equipment deal.

One thing more here is necessary to quote that “there is no need for written approval by Congress in DSCA deal, it’s just formality and notification for the record of Congress”.

Once the process passes through the notification period without any problem, the US government will respond to India with the Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LoA).

The LoA usually expires in 60 days (extendible), if India responds within 60 days to US, needs to make in initial deposit, failing which the offer expire.

The proposed sale will provide India the capability to perform anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare missions along with the ability to perform secondary missions including vertical replenishment, search and rescue and communication relay, India will use the enhanced capability as deterrent to regional threats and to strengthen its homeland defense.

Along with the hardware requested by Indian government, there are requests for personal training and training equipment, US government contractor engineering, logistic and technical support services.

If India will purchase the helicopters from US, definitely the US export rate will raise and Indian import rate, everyone in India and other countries thinking that India is getting technology, no doubt , India is getting, but 1 thing everyone has to know that its financial trade between US and India.

India will request hardware and engineers when it needed and India have to pay for that to US. If choppers creates problem, India will request to US for engineers and have to pay for that. It shows that US is willing to sale its defense equipments to India and want to raise export rate.

This is the agenda of US to sale defense equipment to those countries which have the interest to US instead of China and Russia. US is strengthening its defense export through that countries which are against China and Russia.


Rana Ali Zohaib

Rana Ali Zohaib is Lahore based Journalist, affiliated with GEO New. He is also Press Secretary of Liberland in Pakistan. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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