Interview With Emerging Singer ‘Alycia Dias’


Q: You have sung successful osts so when did you feel the need to release a solo track?

A: I’ve wanted to release solo/singles for a while now but I was not sure about my urdu poetry. And which is why I never wrote songs earlier or made my own songs in the past. But in 2017 I wrote a number of songs and released “Dekha tuney” ( my 1st single ), and “Tu mera nahi” last week this year.

I love the Ost’s that I’ve sung but writing and composing your own music has a different kind of an emotion or love to it. I love all the songs I have written and composed and “Tu mera nahi” will always be my favorite and close to my heart

Q. What is the thought process behind tu mera nahi?

A: I apparently had a huge crush on this person, which eventually turned into an intense psychotic chaos of emotions. Even though that person has no clue of how deeply I feel for him, but you know how, when we like someone, we make a sort of a fantasy or movie in our head where we imagine us dating that person and all that good stuff, even though in reality that poor individual is in absolute oblivion. We even start to imagine our breakup ( LOL ) and start crying and imagining “ what if they now started to see someone else?”. So yeah, its crazy… And as crazy as it sounds, I know you might think “ why don’t you just tell that person”, well…. He doesn’t deserve to know 😛 😛 😛 .And that’s how we all die one day 😛 😛 😛

Q: Will we hear a peppy track from you soon?

A: Yes, of course there are a lot of Peppy tracks, and you’ll be hearing many soon fingers crossed

Q: Is the song a part of an upcoming album?

A: Yes of course.

Q: Your fondest memory while shooting the video for this?

A: I love the part where I throw color on Fahad. It was a fun scene. I also love the part where we fight I couldn’t stop laughing. Acting is so difficult :p. And I love the live version with the band as well.

Q: What does this year hold for Alycia the singer?

A: I absolutely have no clue but I hope for the best.


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