Behind Curtains: NS Efforts Brought Balochistan out of Crisis


QUETTA: Following the failure by the prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to get the political situation of Balochistan in order, the head of ruling party PML-N Nawaz Sharif sitting in Punjab House in Islamabad played key role to get rid of the crisis being faced by the party amid opposition no-confidence motion on Tuesday.

According to sources, earlier feeling the heat of the situation PM Abbasi suggested CM Zehri to resign, however he turned down his suggestion.

After the standoff Nawaz Sharif decided to take affairs in his hands. He consulted the party provincial leadership and members assembly and discussed the political situation and all aspects of the post no-confidence motion.Later, PML-N head advised the chief minister Balochistan Sanaullah Zehri to resign, CM Balochistan accepting party head advise sent his resignation in written.

After his resignation PM Abbasi and Nawaz Sharif met to draft the strategy after the Sanaullah resignation. Both have agreed to leave the space for opposition to elect its own chief minister.It was also decided in failure of opposition parties to elect its CM, PML-N will emerge with its own CM candidate.

On the other hand, sources claimed opposition parties mulling over three names for next CM Balochistan- Sarfraz Bugti, Saleh Bhutani and Changase Marri- however opposition still undecided over the candidates for the next CM.


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