Liberland congratulates the Pakistani nation on their National Day


Lahore: President of Republic of Liberland Mr.Vit Jedlicka congratulates the people of Pakistan on their National Day.

In his message, he said the Muslims of sub-continent adopted the Lahore Resolution on this day in 1940 which heralded the beginning of practical struggle for attainment of Pakistan. This Lahore resolution, later on named as the Pakistan Resolution, was a great demonstration of unity by the Indian Muslims. This Resolution implanted in them an extraordinary courage and zeal for a separate and an independent homeland for Muslims. It also provided a meaning and direction to their struggle

Consul General Pakistan (Liberland) Mr.Faisal Butt said that “the Muslim population in the sub-continent embarked on a journey with renewed determination to realize the dream of their great leaders “Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal”. After few years they succeeded to create a new country on the world map”.

In addition to above he also added that present visionary government, an independent judiciary, free media, robust civil society and people of Pakistan are all geared to make this democratic journey most remarkable.

State Secretary to Liberland Dr.Tariq Abbasi said that, “The founders of emerging, Republic of Liberland are inspired by countries like Pakistan and claims to statehood and ownership of land on the globe”


Rana Ali Zohaib

Rana Ali Zohaib is Lahore based Journalist, affiliated with GEO New. He is also Press Secretary of Liberland in Pakistan. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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