I didn’t slap the lady constable, She is psychologically ill


On 5th September 2019 Thursday a lawyer Rana Ahmed Mukhtar allegedly slapped on duty lady constable Faiza Nawaz at main gate of kachehri Ferozwala.

A lawyer who is a member of Punjab Bar Council (PBC) was presented in the court on 6th September by the same lady constable whom he slapped a day earlier.

A day before, advocate Ahmed Mukhtar tried to park his car at an undesignated spot outside Ferozewala Courts, upon which, constable Faiza Nawaz requested him to park the vehicle somewhere else as parking it here would cause inconvenience for other visitors. Ahmed got enraged on this and started hurling abuses, later he allegedly slapped the constable across her face.

District police officer (DPO) Sheikhupura, Ghazi Salahuddin, promptly took notice of this incident and directed police to register a first information report (FIR) against Ahmed.

Acting on DPO’s orders, Ferozewala police arrested Ahmed Mukhtar and locked him up in jail. Police also pasted posters of the lawyer on important streets of the city in which he could be seen wearing handcuffs.

On Friday. the same constable he slapped presented him in the court by holding the chain of his handcuffs.

Ferozwala bar , Sheikhupura bar announced protest till the suspension of DPO Sheikhupura , DSP ferozwala Malik Yaqoob Awan and SHO ferozwala Rafiullah Niazi.

Punjab bar Council, Pakistan Bar council condemn the unlawful act of police.

Lawyer Ahmed Mukhtar Point of view;

“Lady constable Faiza Nawaz is lying, I didn’t slap her, my tussle was with male constable Ali Ahmed” said lawyer Ahmed Mukhtar.

I parked my car in front of my colleague’s office that was not the premises of kachehri ferozwala main gate, I saw a man holding a bag entered in court by main gate without checking, I asked on duty constable Ali Ahmed that “Do your duty with honest, how a man entered in court by main gate without checking his bag, what will happen if he blasted inside the court”? in response to my question constable Ali Ahmed said , “Shut your mouth and don’t teach me how I have to perform my duty” with harsh behavior, added Ahmed Mukhtar. During the exchange of harsh words lady constable Faiza Nawaz tried to interfere the tussle and I asked her “It’s not your matter, you please sit at your chair”, lady constable is lying that I have slapped her, said Lawyer Rana Ahmed Mukhtar. Police tried to harm my dignity and honor by holding the handcuffed chain to lady constable Faiza Nawaz  while she was the plaintiff of the case, in the history of Pakistan and world we can’t see such kind of bullshit by police , police break the law and now have to bear it , said Ahmed Mukhtar
Lady constable Faiza Nawaz recorded three videos and her statement was different in every video, we demand that police department should advise her psychological test because she seems to be psychologically ill , said lawyer Ahmed Mukhtar.

DSP ferozwala Malik Yaqoob Awan raided on my chamber with 50 armed police officials without any search warrant and FIR.

Illegal act was executed by the police authorities with a proper planned conspiracy of handing over the handcuffs in the hands of the lady police constable (performing ultra vires) while taking him to court just to take pictures to defame me on the social media platform. The lady who herself is also the complainant and plaintiff in this fictitious, concocted and fabricated story. The police has acted beyond their legal power now they will witness our legal power.
How a lady constable has become investigating officer and judge herself and humiliating my dignity on social media. I will file an FIR against lady constable under cyber law.

President Ferozwala Bar point view;

President Bar Association Ferzwala Ahmed Sultan Cheema said that “ This is the history of ferozwala bar that never a lawyer even touch a lady in bar and court room , lady constable Faiza Nawaz is lying, Ahmed Mukhtar didn’t slap her , Ahmed was talking with male constable Ali Ahmed on main gate of kachehri ferozwala. Lady constable Faiza Nawaz was present on spot but not involved in this matter , police used Faiza Nawaz against lawyers community and try to destroy the dignity and honor of lawyers and black coat,  This is the history of Pakistan that we have established the “ Women development and empowerment committee” in our bar in ferozwala. If this kind of act was happened on main gate Faiza could have come to WDEC in bar file a complaint against Lawyer Ahmed Mukhtar but she didn’t do this because this was not happened actually.

All provisions of the FIR were bail able and Ahmed Mukhtar got bail from court. I totally rebuttal the statement of Constable Faiza Mukhtar that “Court has given extra ordinary relief to Ahmed Mukhtar” all process was according to the law. Police is trying to divert the intension of nation from the failure of police system in Pakistan. SHO Ferozwala Rafiullah Niazi is corrupt man and he tried to disturb the environment of Ferozwala kachehri by holding handcuffed chain to lady constable Faiza Nawaz, he did this above the law and demand that IG Punjab should took notice of this unlawful act done by the SHO and DSP Ferozwala. We are on protest and will be till the suspension of SHO Ferozwala Rafiullah Niazi and DSP Ferozwala Malik Yahqoob Awan and DPO sheikhupura Ghazi Salahud din. We will boycott the courts, no lawyer will present to court until suspension of police officials.

President Sheikhupura Bar Point of View;

President bar association Sheikhupura Rana Zahid said that “it never occurred to the plaintiff to have a handcuff, If police have evidence, any video, should public. He said we are with our lawyer Ahmed Mukhtar and we are on protest till the suspension of SHO & DSP Ferozwala . Lady constable Faiza Nawaz did not resign, she just record a video and said that she is going to resign but not yet. Lady constable recorded 3 videos and uploaded on social media, her statement in every video changed, it shows that she is innocent and police is using her against lawyers community but we will not compromise on our dignity and honor.

President Democratic Lawyers Forum Point of view;

Member Punjab bar Council and president Democractic Lawyers Forum Ayyaz Safdar Sindhu said that “ we strongly condemn this unlawful and unethical act of police against lawyers community, he said , lawyers always respects women , we meet hundreds of women in court daily and we can’t even think about it that we slap any lady in court or out of court. He said we know the law, we know that what outcomes can occur after slapping on duty lady constable. He said we constructed a committee to find out the truth , the truth is Ahmed Mukhtar had not slapped lady Constable, he was talking to male constable Ali Ahmed on main gate of kachehri ferozwala on the issue of duty matters. There is a wave against police on national and international media , so the police constructed this whole story to hide their negligence which media is shown now a days. Ayyaz further added, we always respect women and will be. But we are united against the police unlawful and unethical acts. Police is trying hard to divert the attention from their own policegardi recent events to this issue he is being framed in this fabricated case to achieve some evil goals. Question is where is the evidence? Why is it becoming soo big? What precedent the police want to set? Is police above law? Our fight is for the dignity of law and uniform. We handed over the guy on the first place ourselves to the police because a lady constable was involved. It was a bail able offence in which he was allegedly accused he got the bail and he went through the due course of law and still the court is the best judge. Our lockdown is against the illegal acts of police. 

DPO Sheikhupura point of view

DPO sheikhupura Ghazi Salahud din said that lawyer slapped our lady constable when she was on duty on main gate of kachehri ferozwala. We will fight accordingly; we will present a challan in court and proceed according to law.

In her first video statement which she upload on social media seems to be angry on fellow police officials said that “is this the level of respect for women that anyone can slap her? Female constable Faiza Nawaz blamed judiciary and her superior police officials that SHO ferozwala Rafiullah Niazi did mistake in FIR while writing the name of lawyer Ahmed Mukhtar he wrote Ahmed Iftikhar and accused got bail on this clerical mistake. She said judge did not listen me in court and give extra ordinary relief to lawyer.

In her second video statement she said “DSP and DPO ensured me that the justice will be provided to you, she said DSP get angry on me that why I record video & uploaded on social media against our community (police).

In her third video statement she said that she is resigning from police service because she cannot fight against mafia (Lawyers) , she is receiving threat calls, she is mentally disturbed and being tortured.

She just announced resignation not practically submit her resignation to police department.


Rana Ali Zohaib

Rana Ali Zohaib is Lahore based Journalist, affiliated with GEO New. He is also Press Secretary of Liberland in Pakistan. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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