Women Across The World Watched More Porn in 2018


MONTREAL — Woman watched more porn videos in 2018, it has been revealed in a new report.

According to Time Of Islamabad, Women from all over the world watched more porn in 2018 than previous years, according to annual reports of two most popular adult sites.

Adult website Pornhub observes female visitors grew to 29%, an increase of 3 percentage points over 2017.

Among Pornhub’s top 20 traffic countries, the Philippines has the highest proportion of female visitors at 38%, followed by 35% of both Brazil’s and South Africa’s traffic. Japan and Italy both saw female viewership grow by 6 percentage points compared to 2017.

The United States continues to lead Pornhub’s charts with the highest traffic by a long shot.

However, there has been some serious ‘progress’ since 2016. While the U.K. holds onto the number 2 spot, India has claimed 3rd and Japan climbed up to 4th.

In India, Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa remained the most searched for pornstars in India for the second year. The top searches containing the words ‘indian’ or ‘hindi’. School was on everyone’s mind as ‘indian college girls’ moved into second place, and searches for ‘hot sexy teacher’ grew by 423%.


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